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The Captain and the Doctor

I may throw up on you.

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a community for your Kirk/Bones needs
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Kirk/McCoy slash - TOS and 2009
The Captain and the Doctor - a Kirk/McCoy slash community.

Welcome to kirk_mccoy, the first livejournal community dedicated to the relationship between Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy and Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek XI (2009).

All posts should be somehow related to the characters of Kirk and/or McCoy or the actors that portray(ed) them. Posts not related to them will get deleted immediately.

It's encouraged to post fanworks (e.g. icons, fanfiction, wallpapers, fanvids, famixes, etc.). Please stay on topic! All posts are organised using a tagging system which hopefully makes it easier to navigate through the community's content.

Page a Mod when you have a question that has not been answered.

m a i n t a i n e r s

m o d e r a t o r s

Please have a look at the community's rules before posting. Enjoy your stay!

All fanfics should be placed behind a cut with a header showing. Headers should include at minimum a title, fandom, rating, summary and any warnings.

Story Title: [story title and chapter if it's a multipart fic]
Fandom: [Star Trek XI + sequels (AOS), Star Trek: TOS, RPS, AU, Crossover]
Rating: [rating guide]
Warnings: [e.g. PWP, Character Death, Dub/Non-Con, Genderbending, Threesome, etc.]
Summary: [little summary of the story]
Disclaimer: [optional]

Please tag your story with at least three tags: rating, fandom, and the general fan: fanfiction. Also use the fic warning tags when applicable.

A thorough rundown on how to tag your fanfics properly was written down here. Please read and follow it.

Note: This community is RPS friendly (Chris Pine/Karl Urban only). If you don't like Real Person Shipping, please look the other way :)

1. Please join the community to be able to post and to see all the locked posts. Watch the community to stay updated.

2. Please show courtesy to other fans, with regard to their shipping interests and opinions. Personal quarrels between members are not allowed and should stay outside of the community. No flames or bashing! Play fair; this is everyone's spaceship.

3. Please put any spoilers for the upcoming movie(s) behind a livejournal cut. You don't know how to do this? Check the FAQ.

4. Large graphics or icons should be placed behind a cut, but you are free to leave up to three teaser icons outside the cut as a preview. If you take an icon or two, please credit the original creator if asked to do so.

5. Fanvids can be posted without a cut when the smallest embedding size is used. We can't force you to upload the fanvid individually, but youtube is very restricted, a download link to the original video might be appreciated by some members.

6. All fanmix and media posts must be locked. Cover art previews have to be smaller than 400px. Use < img src="url" width="400" > to reduce the size.

7. Discussions, meta and picspams are welcome, too. If you write an essay, please leave only a paragraph or two outside the cut. If you refer to articles or interviews, please put a source at the end of your post.

8. Spamming with consecutive posts and/or unrelated topics is not allowed. We prefer one post with substantial content to several posts without. You can introduce yourself in the community's introduction post. For fanfic requests, please refer to the various ST fanfic memes. And Kirk/McCoy recs can be posted here. Requests for fanart and fiction is not allowed, the same goes for fanfic searches. These posts will be deleted immediately.

9. Important: Don't change the standard font colour and face of the community. Many members surf via their journal styles which is affected by manual font changes. In addition, it is not allowed to disable the comments section in your post.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage the sharing of copyrighted files. Should members participate and share copyrighted media, the maintainers won't be held responsible for their actions. The characters of Star Trek belong to Gene Roddenberry and Paramount. Please don't sue, we're only borrowing them!

IMPORTANT LINKS: affiliates + fanworks master archive + beta reader request + member introductions + tagging guide + layout + profile

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