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introduction post

Holy crap, kirk_mccoy already has 45 members within one hour. That must be some kind of record for a small fandom pairing, right??

Since we have to get this community starting somehow, how about introduction post? Just post in a few words how you got into the fandom and why you like Kirk/McCoy. Maybe we can do this as some kind of friending meme??

Name: wickedground aka Nicole
Age: 24
Location: Germany (saw the movie on Thursday afternoon in an elmost empty cinema!)
Star Trek fan before the 2009 movie: Yes. I grew up watching The Next Generation, Voyager and Deep Space Nine with my sister, but I was not into TOS before the new movie
Kirk/McCoy in one word: hilarious ... also, hot
Favourite K/B moment in TOS and/or movies: definitely the scene when Bones drugged Kirk to get him on the Enterprise and everything went wrong afterwards
How would you contribute to the community: fanart and maybe fanmixes
Other ST pairings: Julian/Miles + Kira/Odo (DS9), Holodoc/7of9 + Tom/Harry (Voy), Picard/Crusher + Riker/Troi (TNG)
Other Fandoms: All the Small Things, Lewis, HP, Jonathan Creek, Spaced, Black Books, Leverage, House MD, His Dark Materials, 30 Rock, The Office (US), Extras, Life on Mars (UK), Ashes to Ashes, The History Boys, Jane Austen adaptions (yes, that's a fandom...), Merlin, Doctor Who
Any last words?: Pimp this community, please!! And write fanfic, make icons and fanmixes and have fuuuun!! ♥

Tags: fan: introduction
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